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Goofy is one of the main protagonists in Disney's series, comic books and movies "Mickey Mouse". He also appears as a playable character in DISNEY ALL HEROES. You can play with him in the Mickey Mouse Playset, in the adventure mode and in the toy box mode.


- Hello there, gamers! Ready to play?

- Hi, Mickey! Wanna go fishing? (When mentioning Mickey)

- Hayaaa! (When fighting)


  • He is the first character in the game that has a crystal figure


  • He unlocks his costume
  • He unlocks Clarabell's costume
  • He unlocks PANCAKE INC.

Adventure modeEdit

In the adventure mode he can enter the following missions:

Saving the beach


Welcome to PANCAKE INC.


He can throw pancakes at his opponent. He has a jump (unlike some other characters). His weapon in the playset is the Pancake Launcher.


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