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All the ducklings

Joey, Duey and Louei are Donald's nieces and main characters in Ducktales. They are playable characters in Disney All Heroes. They're playable in the Mickey Mouse Playset, the adventure mode and the toy box.

- Hey why didn't you play with us! We've been waiting for hours! Yeah! Yeah! (when spawned)

- Guys! Yes? I think we lost... (when defeated)

Trivia Edit

  • They are a triple character and every duckling has its powers.

Chests Edit

  1. They unlock Joey's costume
  2. They unlock Dewey's costume
  3. They unlock Louei's costume

Adventure mode Edit

They can enter these adventures:

The Lost Coins

The T Squad

Abilities Edit

Dewey is faster, Joey has a triple jump and Louei is stronger. They can also kick and have hammers.